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Our Mission Statement

Hands Up Teach and Travel is a non-profit making organisation. Its ethos combines a deep respect for the culture and schools-system of Thailand, but also recognition of the needs and desires of UK participants. Thus the business has two “outputs”: -

Firstly, happy teachers who have enjoyed the experience, of not only teaching, but also having the freedom to travel and explore the country they are based in.

Secondly the schools, and their students, who have received the benefit of having a native-speaker of English available, not only for formal teaching, but for active participation in the school and local communities, thereby building bridges between cultures and countries.

We believe that we need to actively look after the needs of both groups in order to be successful in our aims.

We feel that quality “native-speaking” teachers are currently under-supplied in Thailand, leading to unsuitable and sometimes unqualified, appointments.

We believe that by providing a streamlined and more specialised service, we can offer lower fees than existing competitors, both at the application stage and subsequently.

We believe in encouraging greater applications as a means of finding a better quality, more committed participant who in turn will encourage greater trust, in our participant schools and in prospective applicants.